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Beach Restoration | Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

Beach Restoration Winter 2023/24
Beach Restoration
UPDATE 11/1/23: See link below for live updates of the ongoing progress/locations of the beach restoration

If you’re a regular visitor to the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area in the winter months, or planning a getaway during that time, this year (Winter 2023/2024) might not be the best time to come. A massive beach restoration project, complete with heavy equipment and plenty of noise, will be conducted between November and April. 

However, if you plan appropriately and are flexible on when you come, and where you stay, you may find some spots and times to visit that enable you to avoid the construction project (see below).

Consisting of dredge barges off the coast, pumping thousands of metric tons of sand onto the beaches, which is then spread by bulldozers and other heavy equipment, this vital restoration initiative aims to address the extensive damage done by Hurricanes Nate and Sally. The focus is to repair and rehabilitate the beaches, which lost a lot of height and width to the hurricanes.

According to plans released by the cities of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, the project's implementation timeline is as follows:

November: Initiation of beach restoration activities, with a primary focus on the severely impacted area east of Little Lagoon Pass.

December: Continuation of beach restoration activities, shifting the efforts to the west of Little Lagoon Pass.

January: Gradual transition to beach restoration within Gulf State Park.

February: Initiation of beach restoration along Romar Beach.

March: Progression to beach restoration along Perdido Key.

April: Phasing out of equipment and concluding the project operations.

So, if you plan your dates and locations carefully, with a little luck that the project stays on schedule, you may find that you can have a relatively normal experience on our beaches this winter. The map below illustrates the schedule for the planned work outlined above. 

Beach Restoration Map and Schedule
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NOTE: This is advice, not a promise. Projects like this experience delays and revisions all the time. Come at your own risk!

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